Lead Intelligence:

The ‘Lead Intelligence’ section classifies all your leads based on two interesting parameters: 'Pitch Score’ & ‘Intend to buy’. This can be further classified according to the pipeline i.e. leads which are in progress, leads which are won, etc...

Successful Conversation:
The system creates a successful conversation based on data of all the win calls. 
Mathematically in a broader sense, the system assigns a probability to each snippet and based on a combination of different snippets with the corresponding probabilities, a successful conversation is generated.

Pitch Score:
Pitch score is a score assigned to the agent based on how well he/she has performed in the call compared to a successful conversation on a scale of 0 to 100.

Intend to Buy:
As the name suggests, this a value on a scale of 0 to 100 which represents the customer's intention to buy the product. This is calculated as a combination of both the semantics and emotions captured.

Steps  to activate Lead-Intelligence Section:

Step 1: Login to the sales manager application app.salesken.ai 

Step 2: Click the hamburger icon on the left side and select leads

Step 3: Mark each call as a win/loss call by clicking on the 3 dotted line against the corresponding call. Please note there’s also an option to delete the call if that call is irrelevant/not-required.

Step 4: Once all the calls are marked as either win/loss. Now, the system has the data to calculate and reflect information on the Lead-Intelligence section. 

Please note that the system gets better and better when it has more data. So, the accuracy of the system improves over time when we feed the system with more information of win/loss calls.

Step 5: Visualize the data in lead-intelligence section and check the leads based on ‘pitch score’ and ‘intend to buy’