Reports → Objections

This report provides an intuitive interface for a bird’s eye view of objections faced across sales conversations. It can be filtered, sorted, and downloaded as required.

There are two views available - 

1. Breakdown by Reps

To get this view, click on the ‘Breakdown by Agents’ tab.

This view provides a listing of a  rep-wise split-up of the objections. It displays - 

  • The total number of calls made by the rep
  • A color-coded strip graph of objections, based on the rep across all their conversations.

For example, in the listing seen below, Jenna made a total of 6 calls, in which the biggest objection he faced was ‘I need some time to think’.

2. Breakdown by Objections

To get this view, click on the ‘Breakdown by Objections’ tab.

In this view, you see an objection-wise split-up, with the number of mentions of each objection. 

If you hover over the ring pie chart on the right side, you can see the number of mentions and ratio of occurrence of each utterance of the objection.