Reports → Call Metrics

This report gives an overall analysis of the quantity and quality of sales conversations. It can be filtered, sorted, and downloaded as required. 

It displays - 

1. Total Conversations -  Total number of calls made in that selected time interval

2. Conversation Connects  - Percentage of calls answered by the lead that lasted more than one second.

3. Meaningful Connects - Percentage of calls that lasted more than a minute

4. Quality Call Analyzed - Percentage of analyzed calls that lasted more than a minute and at least one introduction signal was observed. 

The listing shows a rep wise split-up of the calls in terms of the four metrics described above.  It also shows the unsuccessful call summary around the number of calls that were busy, unanswered, or just failed to connect.


You can filter the ‘Call Metrics’ report, click on the funnel filter icon at the top right corner of the report. Select the values you want to filter the report by and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

You can use any of the following filter values:

  • Filter by Team/Agent - Name of the Team or Agent. Select one of the following:
    • Team - to choose a team from the drop-down option.
    • Agent - to choose a Rep from the drop-down option.
  • Date Range - select the 'from' and 'to' date from the calendar. By default, the date range is set for past 7 days.
  • Filter by Pipeline - Pipeline is the defined sales process. Select the pipeline from the drop-down option.

Tip - Filters can be reset by clicking on ‘Reset’ under the filter icon.


To sort lists either in ascending or descending order, just click on the titles of each column. Based on the sorting, the values of entire grid will be updated.


To download Activity Log report, just click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button next to the filter button. The report is downloaded in the Excel (.xlsx) format.