How to integrate MS-Teams with Salesken

Before jumping onto the integration procedure. Let’s have a look at what all you need to have for a successful integration.

  • Salesken’s admin credentials (integrations page can be accessed only from admin portal)

  • Microsoft admin credentials (to access all the meetings recording for PCA)

  • Download Salesken app from Microsoft marketplace (to show real-time cues)

First, let’s understand what a Salesken bot is and why is it important?

Salesken bot is an automated bot which will join in all the meetings and has the capability to interact and access the Google-meet meetings while the meetings are happening in real-time. The bot can also send this live stream to Salesken to analyze the calls and show cues in real-time.

Following are the steps to Integrate MS-Teams with Salesken: 

  1. Log in to your Salesken admin account

  2. Click on the hamburger icon on the top left of your screen and select Integrations

  1. Here you can see a list of tools which you can integrate with Salesken. Now click on the ‘Connect’ button on “MS-Teams” card

  1. You’ll be redirected to the microsoft sign-in page to authenticate

  1. Enter your credentials and sign-in to your microsoft account

  1. Users need to accept and allow the permissions to authorize Salesken

  2. Once you’re successfully integrated, you will be redirected back to Salesken’s web application

Please note that authenticating/authorizing your microsoft account will also let Salesken access Outlook calendar which is necessary to send Salesken’s automated bot in the meetings.

Every sales rep in the organization has to integrate their calendar with their salesken accounts. Please note that only the respective users can undo the integration and admin can’t undo this user level integration

Please note:

  1. Right after you integrate MS-Teams, Salesken will analyze the recordings of the calls held in the past week

  2. Salesken doesn’t analyze internal MS-Teams meetings, for example, if your company email address ends with ‘’ then we won’t fetch the data for the meetings where all the guests have the email id ending with ‘’

Salesken also provides you the feature to get Real Time Cues during your MS-Teams meetings. 

Integration for real-time cueing via Salesken MS-Teams app

Please note that only via Salesken’s MS-Teams app and with the help of Salesken bot
To enable that you need to follow the following steps:

  1. MS-Teams must be integrated with Salesken (steps mentioned above)

  2. After the integration, go to MS-Teams App on your system

  3. Start an MS-Teams Meeting

  1. You’ll see an option called ‘Apps’ on the bottom menu, click on ‘Apps’ and search for ‘Salesken’ in the discovery option and add the Salesken App to your MS-Teams account

  1. Once the Salesken app has been added in the MS-Teams application, a Salesken Bot will be joining as a participant in every scheduled meeting from your calendar to get the real-time stream of the ongoing meeting.

  2. Real-time cues will be displayed for every meeting in the Salesken app in MS-Teams

Integration to fetch call recordings without bot

In order to fetch the call recordings without a bot, the microsoft admin has to run a few commands in the TeamsPowerShell which lets Salesken to fetch the recordings from AzureDirectory (AD). 
Below are the steps to fetch call recordings without a bot:

  1. Import-Module MicrosoftTeams

  2. Connect MicrosoftTeams

  3. New-CsApplicationAccessPolicy Salesken-access-policy -AppIds "d3dd06e9-e1fe-4b61-b09d-01b393313fbd"

  4. Grant-CsApplicationAccessPolicy -PolicyName Salesken-access-policy -Global

    1. ** For more details on installing Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module refer the below link:
      Teams powershell install