Zoom Integration with Salesken

Salesken is a conversational AI platform tailor-made to make the sales of any organization better with the use of AI. Here we provide features like Post Call Analytics, Call summarisation, CRM and QA Automation, Revenue Insights, Performance Intelligence, etc. 

Zoom is a communications platform that allows users to connect via video, audio, phone, and chat. Using Zoom requires an internet connection and a supported device.

Companies usually use Zoom to get on calls with their customers/potential customers. Salesken provides an option to their customers to integrate Zoom with their Salesken Account to get Post Call Analytics and real-time cueing during their calls on Zoom. 

Following are the steps to Integrate Zoom with your Salesken Account ( you must have a Salesken Admin Account for this):

  1. Login into your Salesken Admin Account

  2. Go to the hamburger menu on the top left of your screen and click on Integrations

  1. Go to the Zoom card and click on the ‘Connect’ button

  1. You’ll be now redirected to the Zoom SignIn Page

  2. SignIn to your Zoom account using zoom admin account 

  3. You’ll now be asked to Allow certain Permissions for Salesken to be able to access your data, click on ‘Allow’

  4. You will be redirected back to Salesken, you’ve successfully integrated your Zoom account

  5. Once you’ve finished all the mentioned steps, Salesken will start Post Call Analytics on the Zoom recordings

In order for Salesken to be able to access the real-time Zoom meetings, you will also need to integrate your calendar on the Salesken Account. 

The calendar needs to be integrated by every sales rep with their Salesken account and it can’t be done on an Admin-level account. 

A few points to note here are:

  1. Salesken doesn’t analyze internal Zoom meetings, for example, if your company email address ends with ‘@salesken.ai’ then we won’t fetch the data for the meetings where all the guests have the email id ending with ‘@salesken.ai’

  2. Right after you integrate Zoom, Salesken will analyze the recordings of the calls held in the past week

Salesken also provides you the feature to get Real Time Cues during your Zoom meetings. To enable that you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Your Salesken Admin account must already be integrated with Zoom for this to work. ( steps mentioned above)

  2. Go to Zoom App on your system

  3. Start a Zoom Meeting

  4. You’ll see an option called ‘Apps’ on the bottom menu, click on that and then in the discover option, look for ‘Salesken’ and add the Salesken App to your Zoom account.

  1. After this is done, for every call scheduled in your calendar, a Salesken Bot will join the call as a participant to get the real-time data of the ongoing call.

  2. The sales rep will now be able to see real-time cues for all the meetings on Zoom