Salesken ‘click-to-dial’

Salesken ‘click-to-dial’ button allows Hubspot users to make a call from Salesken Dialer, giving Salesken permission to analyse the calls. 


Pre-requisites for HubSpot

  • You will need a Hubspot account.

  • The Hubspot account must have Admin privileges or have access to install apps across all accounts. 

  • For the integration to work seamlessly, 

    • For each Hubspot account that you want to connect to Salesken, the corresponding email address must have a registered Salesken user account. If you don’t have a Salesken account, it will be created automatically during the integration process. 


Salesken Connector Installation


To authorize/install Hubspot on Salesken, 


1. Visit Hubspot Marketplace. Log in to your Hubspot Account as Hubspot Administrator. 

2. Search for “Salesken”  app connector on the search bar and choose the app.

3. In the Salesken app details page, click on “Install App” button near the app name on the screen.

4. You will be redirected to the Hubspot Login Page if you are not already logged in. Enter your credentials.

5.After you log in or if you are already logged in, you will see page to choose the Hubspot account that you want to integrate with salesken. Click on “Connect App” and your integration will be complete. You will be redirected to the Accounts page after integration.

6. To begin a conversation with your customers,and open the respective integrated account. click on Contacts from the Menu Bar, and all the Contacts saved in the account will appear.

7. Choose the contact you wish to call, click on the call icon in the left hand side.

8. Choose SaleskenDialer as the Calling Provider.

9. You can now talk to your customers using SaleskenDialer.

10. To make call from salesken dialer user has to register his number with salesken. If the user has not registered his number a textbox will open asking to register his number. Refresh the page and make a call. 

11. To change the user's mobile number again connect with contact our support team.


At any point if you get stuck in the onboarding process or if you don’t see your Hubspot recordings on the dashboard, please contact our support team and we will get back to you ASAP.



Uninstalling Salesken from Hubspot

If you do not want to make the calls from Salesken dialer anymore, do the following - 

1. Log in to your Hubspot account and navigate to the settings > integrations (Left panel).

2. Click the uninstall button in the row corresponding to SalesKen.

3.After successfully uninstalling you will not be able to see the Salesken dialer in the call provider.