This article is for Salesken customers who use Salesken Telephony.

Note that calls can be made and received from the rep’s web portal and the Salesken mobile app as well. 

The Salesken Web Phone Extension allows easy access to the dialer, which is at the core of all sales conversations.

 There are two components that need to be installed for the web phone extension - 

  1. The Chrome Extension Add-on - The chrome extension add-on contains the Salesken dialer and real-time cueing capabilities.  The Salesken Dialer provides phone capabilities on a chrome browser. The chrome extension notifies the Web Client Extender every time a call starts or ends on.  The chrome extension also embeds cue capabilities so you can access the cues from any open page at any point in time. 

  2. The Web Client Extender - The web client extender records the sales conversations between you and your customer. It is the first step towards analyzing and creating intelligent and adaptive sales conversations.

Once these two components are installed, you may just use the web phone extension for - 

  1. Dialer on Web Phone

  2. Click-to-Call functionality