The goal of the Salesken platform is to help sales teams to be more intuitive and organized and promote constant growth. This is primarily enabled by instantly analyzing the sales conversations that typically begin at the dialer.

Salesken’s own dialer can be accessed through the rep’s web portal or the Salesken mobile app.

The Web Phone Extension is Salesken’s answer to questions like - 

  • What if you want to place your calls directly from a number displayed on your CRM page without losing the customer context information?

  • What if you want to use your existing dialer and still leverage Salesken’s conversation intelligence? 

The Web Phone consists of two components –

1. Salesken Chrome Extension Add-on

The Salesken Chrome Extension add-on provides softphone/dialer capabilities to the Chrome browser running on your machine. The add-on converts the phone numbers on a web page into clickable links, opening your Salesken Web Phone with the pre-filled number, ready to be called!

In addition to the softphone capabilities, the add-on can be used by reps to view real-time cues.

2. Salesken Web Client Extender (A Windows .exe file)

The Salesken Web Client Extender is a small executable file that runs on your Windows machines to bridge your existing dialer software to Salesken’s systems. It is used for the purpose of recording and uploading all sales conversations that happen through your dialer. 

Both the Chrome add-on and the web client have minimal footprints and are effortless to install and use.

If you'd like to know more about our Web Phone Extension offerings, click here.