This page explains the ‘Task History’ pop-up that appears while clicking on - 

1. Each conversation in the ‘Activity log’ report

2. ‘Details’ in the ‘Qualified leads’ and ‘Won leads’ listing.

1 This shows the history of calls between the sales rep and the lead. Clicking on each conversation box loads the corresponding details underneath.

2 These are actions applicable to each conversation.

  1. The heart icon marks the conversation as a ‘favorite’

  2. The message icon allows you to comment as well as view other comments about the conversation.

  3. The share icon allows the conversation to be shared with the team or manager. 

  4. The note icon converts the audio file into text format. 

  5. The bulb icon marks this conversation as the ‘ideal’ conversation.

  6. The download option allows you to save the recording of the discussion between the associate and the customer.

3 This segment shows the placement of each signal through the course of the conversation. It helps you evaluate the call.

4 This lets you listen to the conversation recording. To listen to a call from a particular signal, just click on the signal marker in the segment above.

5 This graph helps you compare this particular call with a successful call and how it fared with respect to signals.