To view conversation analytics, click on ‘Reports’ in the top menu and navigate to the ‘Analytics’ menu. This can be sorted and filtered as required.

This report gives an overview of all conversations you’ve had, within a chosen time interval, in terms of - 

1. Overall Summary

This section gives you -

  1. Call count - total number of conversations

  2. Connect ratio - the percentage of the number of calls that connected (lasted more than 1 second)

  3. Connected call - total number of connected calls

  4. Average duration - the average duration of each conversation (total conversation duration divided by the number of conversations)

  5. Brand mentions - number of times brand signals were observed during your conversations

  6. Product mentions - number of times that product signals were observed in your conversations

  7. Average follow-ups - the average number of times you followed up with the lead.

2. Time Slots

This section gives you a breakup of the outcome of your calls during your working hours.  You will see the break up of call dispositions for each time slot in which you contacted leads/customers. Each time slot represents an hour on the clock and is displayed as a green block. To view disposition details, click on the green block. A pop-up appears with details of each type of disposition, the associated number of connects, and the average duration of each type of connected call.

3. Talk Ratio

Talk Ratio represents the ratio of the amount of time in a conversation where you spoke to the amount of time the customer spoke. This section represents your average percentage of speaking time across calls vs the percentage of time your leads spoke.

4. Objection Break-up

This section shows a breakup of the type of objections you faced from leads during conversations. Each objection is marked by a different color. 

Each section is an indication of how your conversations are proceeding so far. Analyzing this data can tell you what you can do to increase your success rate.