The ‘Activity Log’ report shows a detailed view of all the sales conversations that have happened in the chosen time interval. This can be sorted and filtered as required<link-here>. The 'Activity Log' report displays the following types of conversations.

  1. Inbound: The number of inbound conversations between the customers and reps.
  2. App Outbound: The number of conversations made through the app by the reps.
  3. PSTN-PSTN: PSTN conversations demonstrate the total number of phone mode and VoIP conversations between reps and leads.
  4. Click to call: It displays the number of conversations made from a click-to-call service.
  5. Webinar: Number of webinar conversations made. 

Each row represents a lead and shows when you had your last conversation with the customer. You can view the customer’s details, the disposition details at the end of the last sales conversation, and conversation identifiers like time and duration. Each row also shows the signals that were observed during the conversation.

To view your history of conversations with a particular customer, just click on the row and a ‘Task History’ pop-up opens up. For a detailed break-down of this pop-up, click here.