To view your lost leads, click on ‘Leads’ in the top menu bar and navigate to the ‘Lost Leads’ tab.

Tip - To find a lead quickly, use the search bar on the top of the page.

Lost leads are those leads who you’ve had conversations with, but could not convert to a customer. 

The leads can be viewed based on the following filters at the top right corner - 

1. Causes - cause of losing the lead 

2. Deal value - the value of the deal lost with the lead

3. Stages - the stage of the pipeline in which the lead was lost.

4. Source Type - uploaded, online, or manually dialed from the browser

To edit, delete, or change the status of any of these leads, click on the three dots at the end of each lead’s row.

To view your history of conversations with this particular lead, choose the ‘Details’ option after clicking on the three dots.

The ‘Task History’ pop-up shows details of each conversation you’ve had with this lead. A detailed explanation of this pop-up can be read here.

You can also view target leads, qualified leads, and leads won by switching between the tabs on top.