The Salesken Dialer allows you to place and receive calls with your customer and helps you navigate through these conversations with cues.

Once a conversation is over, you can dispose the call by marking the output of the call and the details of the type of follow-up required for the lead.

1. In case you received ‘No Response', a ‘Voice Mail’ recording or the call was ‘Dropped’, you can immediately schedule another call with the same lead. This will be added to your list of tasks

2. In case the number you dialed turned out to be a ‘Wrong Number’, you can mark the lead as a ‘bad’ lead and delete the lead from the records. In case, you want to retain the number, you can mark the lead as ‘lost’. If you want to capture an alternate number for this lead, you can click on the ‘ADD LEAD DETAILS’ button and fill it in.

3. If the contact details you had led you to the ‘Wrong Person’, you can mark the lead as ‘lost’. If you did receive information about the right person to contact in the organization, click on the ‘ADD LEAD DETAILS’ button and fill in the new details in the form that appears.

4. In case the lead answered the call, you can mark ‘Call Answered’ and rate the conversation. You can add a comment and schedule follow-up action. This depends on which stage of the pipeline you are in. You can also assign the follow-up action to yourself or other sales reps.

At any point in time, if you have trouble with the Dialer, you can use the ‘Help’ button at the bottom right corner.