Welcome to the Salesken family!

We’re excited to help you maximize your sales potential.

To access our web portal, go to https://app.salesken.ai/.

You can log in to your account using your registered email address.

Use the top menu to navigate between our various features.

Managing Leads and Tasks

The dashboard shows you what tasks you have for the day, how many you have completed, and what is next in the schedule.

To set up your leads and view them, you can go through our Leads pages.

Tracking Your Progress

We offer a variety of ways to track your sales journey through our Reports. You can look up your sales conversations, evaluate them against defined metrics for success, and analyze your productivity pattern.


The bell icon on the top header alerts you with recently created tasks and completed tasks.


If you face any problems or would simply like some help with any of our features, click on the Help icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Fill in your concern and we will get back to you immediately.