To view your leads, click on ‘Leads’ in the top menu bar. Listed leads can be filtered and sorted as required.

Tip - To find a lead quickly, use the search bar on the top of the page.

Leads can be viewed, based on status, by switching the tabs on top of the listing.

1. Target Leads - These are the cold leads you’ve just added to the account. 

2. Qualified Leads - These are the leads who’ve been vetted by your marketing teams as valid prospects.

3. Lost Leads - These are the leads that could not be converted.

4. Won Leads - These are the leads who’ve been converted to a customer.

This listing can also be filtered by deal value, stage, or source type by clicking on the filter dropdowns on top. It can be sorted by clicking on column headings.

Qualified, lost, and won leads also display the detected signals from conversations with this lead in green, and undetected ones in red. 

To edit, delete or change the status of any of these leads, click here.