Configuration → Pipeline

To perform all Pipeline related actions, click on ‘Configuration’ in the top menu and navigate to ‘Pipeline’.

Tasks in a stage can be manipulated while creating or editing a sales pipeline.

It can also be directly deleted from the main Pipeline page.

Add A Task To A Pipeline Stage

To add a task to a pipeline stage,

1. Click on the '+' icon under the stage box.

2. Choose the type of task - it can be a phone call, email, or webinar.

You have now successfully added a task to a pipeline stage.

Delete A Task From A Pipeline Stage

A task can be deleted from a stage in two ways - 

1. From the add/edit page of the pipeline itself

To delete a task from a particular stage in the pipeline, just click on the x icon at the top left corner of the task box.

2. From the main Pipeline page.

To delete a task from a pipeline stage from the Pipeline page, click on the 'x' close icon near the task image.

You have now successfully deleted a task from a pipeline stage.