Configuration → Team

To create a team, click on ‘Configuration’ in the top menu and navigate to ‘Team’.

Click on the ‘CREATE TEAM’ button. 

A ‘Create New Team’ form appears, where you must fill in the team name and team description. Once filled, choose the list of reps you want in the team and click on ‘CONTINUE’.

Tip - You can find a rep to add to the team by typing their name in the search box on top of the listing.

A pop up appears with the selected list of reps, and a dropdown to choose the Team Owner. You may select either yourself or a team member. Click on ‘SUBMIT’. 

Your team has been created.

You can also add new members to the team by clicking on ‘Add New Members’ at the bottom of the team card.

Once your team is created, you can attach a sales pipeline to it.

You can also edit or delete teams.